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Pondmaster Pumps

Pondmaster Pumps Revolutionary magnetically driven utility pump. Encased in water-proof epoxy. Extremely energy efficient. Virtually maintenance free, no seals to wear out, no contaminating oils. Ideal for watergardens, ponds, statuary, waterfalls and hydroponic gardening.

Product Features;

  • High output with low energy use
  • Operates submerged or in-line
  • Only one moving part; the magnetic impeller
  • Foam pre-filter included
  • Ceramic shaft Oil-free eliminates the risk of contaminating aquatic life
  • Comes with an 18ft. Grounded Cord.

Pond Works 300

Pond Works 300

Small, quiet, energy-efficient, 160 gallon-per-hour pump. For use in small ponds or ornaments, pumps water above three feet. Ideal when larger volumes are needed. Functions either below or above pond surface and can be used in fresh, salt, or chlorinated water. Each pump comes with a strainer, sponge, pre-filter foam, flow-control fitting, and Bell Head Fountain.