The right tools will aid in ensuring that your water garden or fish pond is healthy and thriving.

Telescoping Pond Net
Telescoping Pond Net
An amazing amount of thoughtful design has gone into this net made specifically for pond maintenance.
Pond Pad Flotation Frame
Pond Pad Flotation Frame
Ponds and water gardens as small as 10 gallons will benefit from Barley Pads, they are natural barley straw in a convenient size. Available as a single pad with flotation frame, or as a set of three pads to use in series with a frame.

Pond Netting Pond Netting
This sturdy netting has tight 1/2" mesh that traps even small debris and leaves, and they easiest way to keep a pond clean. Also protects your prized fish from heron and other predators. It works for fountains, too.

Rapitest Pond Test Kit Rapitest Pond Test Kit
Complete pond testing kit that checks levels of pH, Nitrates, and Ammonia.Contains four color comparators with color comparison films and testingcapsules.
Pond Cleaner Dispensericon Dispensericon
Easily keep your pond clean for months! This treatment comes in convenient packets, dispensed by a decorative Water Lily.
Aquasphere pond cleaner icon Aquasphere icon
Regardless of how big your pond is, the Aquasphere will clean it for a full 30 days. Easy to use, reducing excess nutrients and breaking down organic matter that clouds water.

Muck Vac Pond Vacuumicon Muck Vac icon
This ingenious underwater vacuum allows you to clean your pond without emptying it. Just hook the Muck Vac up to your garden hose and vacuum away muck, sand and fish waste. It's powerful yet gentle; you can usually leave fish and plants in place.
ph Down for Ponds pH Down for Ponds
If the ph in your pond is too high, you may not be able to grow plants you love. pH Down corrects water pH, and it's free of phosphorus and nitrates.
Aqua Safe Pond Formula Aqua Safe Pond Formula
Turn tap water into "pondwater". Normal tap water contains chemicals and metals that can harm pond fish. AquaSafe quickly neutralizes chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals.
SAVIO Greenex® Micro Granules™ SAVIO Greenex Micro Granule
Effective, safe water quality treatment. 100% natural spore forming bacteria attaches to unwanted pond growth. Reduces excess phosphorous, ammonia, nitrates, nitrite calcium and phosphates.
Green Releaf Pond Clarifier Green Releaf Pond Clarifier
Water clarity is one of the biggest concerns of those with water gardens. Improves water clarity, reduces unpleasant odors, will not harm fish, aquatic plants, animals, beneficial aquatic organisms and waterfowl.

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