Tips On Keeping Your Water Garden Clean

Clean Pond A major concern for water gardeners is water quality. A poorly maintained water garden is unsightly, foul smelling, and a breeding ground for unwanted mosquitoes. The single most important indicator that your pond water is out of balance is excess algae. When you see algae growing in your pond, you need to take action immediately, before the problem gets out of control. The most effective way to combat unwanted algae is a combination of plants, fish, filters & pumps.

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Controlling algae nature's way.

Three types of pond algae.


To combat the growth of algae, include some oxygenating plants in the waterscape. These plants, placed on the bottom of the pond, will help create oxygen in the water. Some of these plants stay entirely unseen and underwater, other varieties are a beautiful addition to your pond. Either way, they promote aeration, a necessity for clean water.


If your water garden is large enough, and has some shady spots for fish to hide and stay cool in the hot summer sun, you might consider adding fish to your pond. Fish do a great job of controlling the growth of algae as well as pests like freshwater snails and mosquito larvae. Although fish help to clean the environment they also add to the problem with their waste product. If you add fish to your waters garden, you might also need to add a biological filter, which converts fish waste into beneficial nitrates.


For small water gardens, a simple submersible pump, operating silently on the pond floor, will provide sufficient aeration to satisfy aquatic plants and animals. For large ponds, or to operate streams and waterfalls, a recirculating pump is best. Filters range in size and complexity from a simple strainer basket to a customized biological system. Mechanical filters strain water through activated charcoal or fiber to remove dirt and debris.

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