Frequently Asked Questions About Water Gardens.

Q) Why are pond liners always black?

A) Although a white or light blue liner would allow the water to really sparkle, a black or dark colored liner allows the reflections of trees and flowers to be sharper, the shallow water will look deeper, and algae and silt are less noticeable.

Q) What is the right number of plants to have in a water garden?

A) A healthy pond has a combination of plants, both submerged and floating. The addition of fish creates an added dimension but because fish need oxygen to survive, you will need to keep half the surface of the pond free from plants. As a general guideline, per square foot of pond surface 1 bunch of submerged plants, 1 water lily or floating plant that will cover 60 to 70 percent of the surface, 1 bog plant for height should be sufficient.

Q) My pond gives off a foul smell - what am I doing wrong?

A) The #1 reason a pond starts to smell is lack of oxygen. If you have not installed an aerator or water feature in you pond, try agitating the water with running water from a garden hose. Submerged plants also will increase the oxygen level in the pond.

Q) How can I get rid of an infestation of worms in my waterfall?

A) Worms are attracted to water. I suspect that you may have a garden around the perimeter of your fountain, so you will have to create some kind of barrier to prevent them from entering your fountain. Create a natural barrier using rocks or gravel. Your garden shop may be able to suggest a chemical treatment, but I would be cautious in using any pesticides near a water feature.

Q) Can I use a performed rigid liner as an above ground pool?

A) As long as the pond is less than 100 gallons, and you can support the sides about 2/3 the way up you shouldn't have any trouble with sides bulging out.

Q) Why is it a good idea to connect a filter to the pump that supplies a spray head?

A) By using a filter you will reduce the amount of debris that may block the spray head and change that pattern of water.

Q) Can I safely place a statue in my pond?

A) Yes, as long as you have provided suitable footing that will support the weight of the statue under the liner before the pond was installed. Place a concrete slab - about 4 inches thick - that is wider than the base of the statue, under the liner.

If your pond is completed and adding a statue is an after thought, why not add one to the side of the pond and unite the 2 features with edge plants.

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