Indoor Water Fountains

Which Indoor Fountain is Right for You?

If you love the look and the effect an outdoor fountain or waterfall has on your garden, imagine recreating the same thing in the interior of your home as well. The soothing ambiance that water adds to any design, indoors or out, is a welcomed feature in any residence. An indoor wall water fountain is a wonderful way to translate a love of natural features, like water, into the interior of your home.

The options for indoor fountains are almost endless. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and styles. It is very easy to find one that will complement the current design scheme of any room you’d like to introduce a water feature to. Just like outdoor water gardens, there is an option with indoor fountains that suits every space and budget.

Wall fountains come in a variety of dimensions that will compliment any kind of wall. If your ideal spot to place your indoor fountain is in a room with high ceilings, then choosing a more vertical oriented fountain will look the most impressive. The opposite goes for it you have a lower hanging ceiling. In that case, aiming for a more horizontal option will get the most desired effect of the attractive fixture. The best thing about indoor fountains is even the largest and most impressive, high-end fountains require extremely minimal installation and upkeep!

Wall water fountains are also a Feng Shui dream. By introducing the much-needed water element into the design of the room, the positive Chi will definitely be improved and have beneficial effects of its inhabitants. Furthermore, many fountains are fashioned with copper and stone components, and thus incorporate additional elements like earth and metal. By building the design of a room around a wall fountain and a goal of optimal Feng Shui, all that would need to be added would be wooden furniture for the wood component and perhaps a fireplace or candles for the fire element. Voila, a Feng Shui paradise!

Regardless of what size, color or design that you ultimately choose to go with for your wall water fountain, it is a wonderful addition to any home. The stylish look and comforting sound of flowing water from a fountain will benefit any room.

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