Building a pond is an easy project that brings great rewards.

Creating a backyard oasis may seem like a daunting job for the beginner. Nothing could be further from the truth, installing a water feature in your yard can be accomplished over a weekend, especially is you use a flexible liner. Flexible pond liners offer many more design options than a rigid liner, they are easier to install and take less time. Installing a flexible pond liner is easy, just follow these simple directions-

Installing a Flexible Pond Liner:

  • Measure correctly for a flexible liner: The liner must be big enough to cover the surface area and 2 X the depth. I.e.: an 8 x 12 foot pool, 1.5 deep requires a pond liner 8+ 1.5+1.5 X 12+1.5+1.5 for a total size of 11 X 15.
  • Small ponds should have straighter sides, while larger ponds look better with sloping sides.
  • Be sure that the pools rim is level so that the top edge of the pond will not be exposed once it is filled.
  • Dig out the shape of the pond, be sure to remove sharp debris such as glass roots and sharp branches. Once you are satisfied with the shape, line the bottom with 3 inches of sand, old carpet or wet newspaper.
  • Smooth out the bottom of the liner and hold in place with smooth rocks, bricks or other small weights.
  • Start filling the pond slowly and continue to smooth the liner and fold into the contours of the pond.
  • Fill to with in a couple of inches and allow to sit for a week. - this allows the liner to completely stretch and mold into the new shape.
  • Place flat stones around the edge of the liner - pavers, bricks, or flagstones work well. Position some of the stones to hang over the edge of the pond.
  • Trim the off the excess liner, leaving a flap of about 12 inches.
  • Fold the liner back over the first row of stones and place a second row on top to secure the liner.
  • To hide the liner on the exterior of the pond, plant edging plants, such as; day lilies, fountain grass, hostas, liriope, sedums, creeping thyme, and coreopsis. Plan for a nature effect by adding rocks and plants.
  • Depending on the look you are going for, add another layer of stones.

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