Pond care and maintenance is an important component in the success of your water garden.

Once you have established a well designed water garden, maintaining and caring for your pond is a simple task involving less than an hour every week. Feeding the fish, grooming the plants and monitoring the water quality is all that is required. A thorough cleaning of the pond, where the pond is drained, cleaned and refilled is only recommended every few years. A well designed pond will have the right number of fish for the amount of water and enough plant life to sustain the fish. An imbalance in one of these components will result in an increased work load.

Spring requires the dividing of plants, removing dead leaves, etc while autumn is the time to ready the pond for winter.

Basic ingredients for easy pond care....

  • Fountains help to aerate the pond water, keeping it fresh smelling and free of harmful bacteria
  • Floating plants help to keep the pond water cool, aid in controlling algae and filtering the water
  • Submerged plants also help to filter the water and provide shelter for fish
  • Snails feed on algae
  • Fish help to control the mosquito population

Pond care & maintenance tips....

  • Maintain a healthy water level - water evaporation creates an very unhealthy environment for both fish and plants.
  • Test water regularly for nitrates and ammonia
  • Waterfalls and fountains help to oxygenate the water
  • Remove dead and dying foliage from plants
  • Clean away fallen leaves, petals and debris before they decompose
  • Never allow pesticides, or fertilizers to come in contact with your water garden

The right accessories will help to simplify pond care....

Here are just a few of our favorite pond accessories. Click here view the entire line of Pond Maintenance Supplies - A complete selection of pond supplies - everything you need to keep your pond healthy and easy to maintain.
Telescoping Pond Neticon Telescoping Pond Net
An amazing amount of thoughtful design has gone into this pond net made specifically for pond maintenance.
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Muc Vac Pond Cleanericon Muck Vac Cleans Your Pond Without Straining or Bailing
This ingenious underwater vacuum allows you to clean your pond without emptying it. Just hook the Muck Vac up to your garden hose and vacuum away muck, sand and fish waste. It's powerful yet gentle and you can usually leave fish and plants in place.
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Savio Water Master Solids Handling Pond Pump WM1450" Savio Water Master Solids Handling Pond Pump
This rugged 115V pond pump is the top-of-the-line model suitable for professional use. Heavy-duty construction enables pump to handle large solids. Thermal overload protects pump from burnout. High head pressure and completely noncorrosive.

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