Pond kits are the simplest introduction to water gardens.

Pond kits come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, eveything from a table top model to a large garden pond.

Redwood Patio Water Garden Redwood Patio Water Garden
Just plug it in!The perfect size for any patio, deck, balcony, porch. It provides all the tranquil benefits of watergardening without the hassles and expense of permanent installation.Yardiac
Cascading Pond Kit Cascade and Pond Kit
The ideal backyard pond for family enjoyment. Comes in 2 plastic parts — a 2ft. x 3ft. cascade unit and a 39in. L x 28.5in.W x 10 in. pre-formed pond. Includes 200 GPH energy-efficient pump with filter. Northern Tool
Complete Pond Kit In-Ground Backyard Pond Kit
Create your own garden pond, complete with fountain. You get everything you need to set up your own 6ft. x 8ft. x 18in.D pond -except rocks and fish. Northern Tool
"Clear Pond Complete In-Ground Backyard Pond in a Box — 50in. x 42in. x 21in. Deep, Model# 71111"
Clear Pond Complete In Ground Backyard Pond in a Box
Create your own backyard in-ground pond, complete with fountain. Kit contains everrything you need to set up your own garden pond. Includes a preformed plastic pond ,Fish-safe, energy-efficient pump to aerate water and keep fish and plants healthy, Clog-resistant, adjustable fountainheads that spray two patterns: fleur de lis and dome water treatment and conditioner included. Northern Tool
Savio 16 Ft. x 21 Ft. Pond This Pond is Huge! 16 Ft. x 21 Ft. Pond
3000 gallons, 2–ft. deep. Includes Savio Skimmerfilter, Savio waterfall filter, flex tubing, liner, underlayment and water Master 4000 pump. Northern Tool

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