Pond lights - transform your pond from ordinary to extraordinary.

Adding pond lights to your water garden brings in an extra dimension, allowing you to enjoying your garden during the evening. Well designed lighting not only brings your water garden to life, it is also a safety feature. Well placed lights along garden paths and in the pond, make negotiating at night much easier.


Basic wiring projects are easy enough if you use precautions. Always turn off the main breaker or remove the corresponding fuse to disconnect the circuit. When in doubt always consult an electrician.

"Kasco Marine Pond Fountain with Lights — 1/4 HP,  Model# 1400JFL050" Pond Fountain with Lights
5 interchangeable nozzles offer a choice of displays that enhance any pond. Complete kit includes LED light ring, float, 50ft. power cord, two 15ft. mooring ropes, C-25 timer control box with GFCI protection, photo eye, low-voltage transformer for lights and 5 nozzle patterns.

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