Pond Liners - The foundation of all great water gardens begins with the right pond liner.

The first step in designing your water garden is location, then size, and finally which type of pond liner best suits your needs.

There are primarily 3 types of pond liners:

Rigid Pond Liners - A rigid pond liner is a pre-formed UV resistant mold that is simply purchased and installed in the corresponding hole. Although the easiest to install, the rigid liner is more expensive and is limited to the sizes and shapes available.

Flexible Pond Liners - A flexible pond liner is a free form rubber EPDM liner that can be placed in any shape created by the gardener. This type of pond liner is the preferred choice for most gardeners as it allows the widest variety of sizes and shapes. In addition, a flexible liner is relatively inexpensive and long lasting.

Concrete Liner - Another option for the homeowner installing a water garden is a cement liner. This method is an expensive alternative and can be problematic. Cracking and shifting are major concerns and unless you are familiar with cement installations, hiring a professional is highly recommended.

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