Once your water garden has been installed a careful maintenance routine will help to keep it in top shape.

A healthy water garden requires a well balance eco-system, where plants and fish as well as some mechanical devices work together to maintain healthy water conditions. Pond water should be clean, chemically balanced and well aerated.

Products for Pond Maintence.

Use all the natural elements to create the perfect ecosystem.

  • Fish help to control the mosquito population as well as add interest to a pond.
  • Floating plants provide shade, cool and filter the water and help to control algae.
  • Submerged plants are great filters, they provide food for fish as well as offer shelter.

Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Pond:

  • Keep the surface of the pool as clean as possible.
  • Check filter regularly for trapped debris. Immediately remove leaves and dead fish.
  • Check the pH of the water regularly. If you are experiencing a build up of algae, add oxygenating and floating plants
  • Brush the sides and bottom of your pond using a long handles soft brush to remove algae.
  • A pond that creates too much algae or fish waste may require a biological filter.

Signs that your pond may need maintenance:

  • Bad smell
  • Dying fish
  • Fish gasping for air.

Caring For Your Pond

Supplies needed for maintaining your water garden.

Maintaining Your Fish Pond

Preparing your pond for a cold winter.

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Pond Maintenance

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