Pond Pumps help in creating water movement that is essential for the healthy existence of the water garden.

Pond pumps do the job of circulatiing water by pulling the water through pipes and pouring it back into the pond. In addition to water circulation, they can be used to run fountains, waterfalls and pool filters. Pond pumps are often referred to as the heart of a pond as they perform the important function of aerating the water and keeping the oxygen supply constant. This is vital for the survival of pond life including fish and aquatic plants.

Pond pumps are available in a range of sizes and are grouped based on their GPH rate which is their capacity to pump X amounts of water in a given period of time. Get more information on Pond Pumps

Choose the right pump for your pond:

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Pump Flow Rate
Pump flow rate is the total volume of water a pump can circulate in a given period of time. Flow rates are expressed in gallons as GPH (gallons per hour) or GPM (gallons per minute).

The flow rate that your pond requires is based on the number of gallons of water you intend to circulate in an hour. Generally the flow rate should be able to circulate your entire pond water in a maximum of two hours. If your pond has 1000 gallons of water, you would need a flow rate of 500 GPH.

Maximum height the unit will pump
The second important factor that you must consider when buying your pond pump is the maximum pumping height of the pump. This pumping height should be able to push the required gallons of water per hour from a height that you will require. For instance, if your pond has 1000 gallons of water and is four feet deep, you will require a pump with a higher 'head height' or 'lift' as compared to a pond having 1000 gallons of water and two feet depth.

Operational Expense of the Pump
The most cost efficient pump is a submersible pumps with the exact requirement in terms of GPH and head height. The cost of operating your garden pump can be calculated using the simple formulae given below:

Maximum Operating Cost of the Pump = Amps x Volts/1000 x Cost per Kilowatt Hour x 24 x 31 days

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