New for 2006 - Natural Looking Granite Flexible Preformed Rock Pond Kits

Many first time water gardeners look to a preformed pond liners for the ease which they are installed, but there are a couple of major draw backs to a preformed pond liner.

Ridgid Preformed Pond LinerTraditionally preformed ponds are large black plastic shells, which are extremely cumbersome and difficult to transport and most manufactures only use black plastic which is not a natural color for a pond or water feature. Recently, Algreen Products Inc. has introduced a pond liner that eliminates both these negative features. This new design is a folding preformed/liner that is created with a blend of materials, that allows it to be packaged in a box one-sixth the size of a regular preformed kit.

No matter how much landscaping you apply around a black liner, it is still extremely difficult to create a natural looking pond. Algreen is proud to announce the development of a granite flexible rock pond kit that looks like a natural rock bed. This new folding pond shell has all the benefits of its black preformed predecessor, but both the pond and the streamlet look like real rock.

Algreen's preformed folding pond includes 3 built-in plant shelves, is weather-resistant, and is able to withstand extreme temperatures from 0 F to 105 F. Each pond shell features textured ridges, which are strategically placed to allow beneficial bacteria to form growth colonies, which significantly reduces algae build up in the pool.

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