Water Gardening Through The Seasons

Seasonal care of your water garden.

The maintenance required for your fish pond or water garden is no more complicated than any other type of gardening maintenance. Here is a check list to follow throughout the seasons.

SPRING If needed now is the time to clean the pond

Top off with water - add de-chlorinator if needed.

Add treatments to jump start the biological filter, for algae and fungal growth. As fish come out of the dormant period, feed food low in protein. (spring/autumn food) Consult your water gardening professional about adding a supplement designed to eliminate bacteria harmful to fish.
SUMMER Remove debris immediately and top off water as needed.

Prune aquatic plants of dead leaves and fertilize as needed.

Check submerged pump regularly.

Clean filters as needed.

Test water for ammonia and nitrate levels.

Feed once a day with summer feed equal to what they can consume in 3-5 minutes. Check for signs of illness.
FALL Remove any debris and if necessary install a leaf net to catch falling leaves.

Top off with water.

Prune water plants of dead leaves and fertilize.

Check submerged pump.

Clean out debris to avoid composting of matter.

Clean filter as needed to keep ammonia to a minimum. If temperatures remain warm , continue to feed summer food 1X per day.

In cooler climates, slowly switch to a srping/autumn food and decrease feedings.

Observe fish for illness.
WINTER Clean pond if necessary.

Turn off and remove pumps and filters.

Thoroughly clean biological filter and leave drainage valve open.

Prune hardy water plants and lower into the deepest part of the pond.

Remove all tropical plants.

Keep an are free of ice to allow gases to escape and oxygen to enter. Decrease feedings until temperature drops below 50F. Then stop feeding altogether. Be sure to keep an opening in the ice.
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