Spill Fountains - along side a pond or set on a rock base, a spill fountains brings a subtle or spectacular water feature to any garden pond.

Spill fountains can be as simple as a single stream of water from a tipped pot or spout, or as elaborate as a multi tiered statue with multiple streams.

Spill fountains are also known as Spitters - many of the classic spitters are figurines of people or animals spitting water.

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Large Garden Wings Fountain Large Garden Wings Fountain
A Waterfall at Your Fingertips The Oracle Fountains are marvels to be near. Our Sagada is spectacular. It looks like it's been in place for many years; just sitting there weathering and spewing water out the top for all to touch. It is made of our fiberglass composite so it can go outside or indoors, or can be moved readily. The base is real Redwood held together with antique style fasteners, the older is gets the better it looks. Inner Liner is made of ABS or Fiberglass. Power source is located on backside at the bottom of fountain. Fountain will relax and sooth. Use Indoors or outdoors Withstand the elements exceptionally wellFiberglass & Stainless Steel Construction Small 36" x 24" x 8" Large 64" x 42" x 10" Ships within 2-4 weeks
Tapered Quarry Water Fountain Med. Tapered Quarry Water Fountain Med.
A Waterfall at Your Fingertips The Oracle Fountains are marvels to be near. The unique design uses the quarried rock look with water flowing over the outside. Like most of the Oracle FountainsTM, these fountains can go outside or in. With a surface texture you'll want to touch, they look great in an office lobby or in a back yard garden setting.
Bamboo Water Fountain
Bamboo Fountain
This outdoor garden and backyard water fountain is strong and durable, can't rust or harbor mold and is virtually immune to rain, snow and sunlight. Leave it installed outside all year or store it away for the winter. This outdoor waterfall comes with a pump and everything you need to get started - just add water!

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